{ English Diary } Have you heard ”500 types of SUSHI”? and more..

Today, I'm going to pick up about my recent life with photos from my instagram and use English in this article. I usually write English dialogue on my instagram but I decided to write on this blog for my writing practice.

Be that as it may, I sometimes wrote Japanese sentences. Even if you didn't like English, you could read my post.

Fashion Sketch
It's your favourite skirt is printed botanical pattern.

Perhaps, I haven't show my illustration works on this blog for about 1 year regardless of writing on my profile that is "I am an illustrator".

The following illustrations were sketched by me. I occasionally sketch fashionable people on the street from through a window at my favourite cafe. It is my best of relaxing time.
She's wearing a dress like night sky.
summer drops pattern

I could charge my energy for drawing.

By the way, if I started to stay in Brighton in the first place, I wouldn't know traditional British cultures. I should have known the British history so I thought my decisions were all right at last. Whenever, whatever, wherever, I shouldn't have said any weak words. All of happening is for my life. It's the fate.

Have you heard "500 types of SUSHI" ?

I like going to a library because I can find some interest books that were published in the UK.

Recently, I found a book called "500 SUSHI". I was surprised because I've never seen 500 types of sushi. Do we have that many types of sushi? I can't think of that many.. mmm... It would be hard to imagine.



"Stained Glass Window Futomaki" is beautiful, but I've never seen it in Japan and I don't think it's traditional Japanese sushi...! I want to tell to the book's readers. Please, don't misunderstand about sushi. I think sushi is more simply food.

The booming of strange Japanese words

It's so funny for Japanese people, isn't it?

I found that many strange Japanese words are printed on fashion items in England. Honestly, I couldn't stop laughing so I was grinning to myself.

Apparently, Japanese words are booming, especially for European fashion culture that likes tattoos and fashion items. Because when I walked on the street in the city centre, I've seen that many people were wearing items that were printed with Japanese words.

"Superdry" is the most famous fashion brand. It is made in the U.K. They make good quality items, but unfortunately they use lots of funny Japanese words for their fashion items. If I got a order that I have to wear it in Japan, I absolutely would feel embarrassed..

トランク上部…?イギリスではファッション×日本語が流行っています。ちなみにこれも割とおしゃれなショップにて。.#変な日本語 #イギリス #ファッション #おしゃれ #謎 #日本語 #ロンドンファッションウィーク #LFW とか言ってみる.ちなみにあの有名な変な日本語ブランド #極度乾燥しなさい じゃないんですよこれ…

Am I Minimalist?
my all things for two years to live in the U.K. What do you think? Am I minimalist?😶 I think it's too much for moving into other house because they were extremely heavy when I was bringing. Absolutely, I don't want to move, never....


Whatever will be, will be
これは最近知った言葉なのだけど、「Whatever will be, will be」で「ケ・セラ・セラ」と同じ意味なんだそう。日本語に訳すと「どうにかなるよ、なるようになるよ」になるのかな。いつも不安ばかり抱えてしまう私には、とても良い言葉。

About My House
the lovely kitchen is in my house🐷🐣🐮that I share with 3 people who are house owner couple and one flatmate. however, the couple frequently go to other country on business and a flatmate is going to leave this weekend, so I'll live in alone for 1 month.
She comes in my room every morning. That's why it towards eastern south :)

Is it Vandalism?
Lots of graffitis are in this city. For example, beside a post, underneath the step and above the door etc... someone said it's vandalism and spoils the city but I don't think so. It's splendid culture of Brighton and give me a fond memories..

To Believe Someone
if your dreams come true, you have to give make sacrifices. I understood but we promised lots of things. I can't believe anyone anymore.

LGBT Pride Parade




Fortunately, I could join the LGBT festival at Brighton. Many LGBT people were who kissed and hugged each other on the street that was extremely wonderful atmosphere.

Actually, I've been interested in it since I was teenager and studied about sexuality at university. I'm a straight but when I was secondary school student, some friends told me that they were sexual minority, so I've known that they sometimes don't feel freedom.

I imagined LGBT people who joined the festival could not express their emotion for love on the public place in their life, could be. I was so happy to see their expressions of love....

Alice in wonderland was inspired at Oxford

I felt so strange when I visited a place where a writer got some inspirations at under a tree. I remember I was watching the Alice film when I was a child. I wanted to be Alice, but I don't like hampty dampty because they're so loud and interrupted with aimless chatter. Anyway, I couldn't be Alice but I always have lots of happening and accident like her.

Lastly Things

OMG! I've found the book of sushi on Amazon Japan. If you want to know about everything of sushi in the world, you have to read it!!

500 sushis

500 sushis

500 Sushi Dishes

500 Sushi Dishes



See you next time⋆*✩

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